I was always interested in nature from perspective of Biology and Chemistry. My major love for natural medicine, particularly phytotherapy, was developed from summer trips with my grandmother-pharmacist when we gathered medicinal herbs while learning about their healing properties. No wonder I later won many Biology and Chemistry contests when being at middle and high school. Six years in medical school has helped me realize that conventional medicine may be useful in some instances, yet, its role in chronic health issues mostly equals to management of symptoms with medications. Naturopathic medicine, functional medicine and nutrition became obvious choices for further studies and direction of practice. I have practical experience working as private health consultant & researcher, as well as medical writer and supplement formulator. Due to the nature of my literature research work on a wide range of health topics, I am capable of working with clients who has different chronic health issues. My major interests, however, are related to natural approaches to infertility and reproductive health, nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as children nutrition. I believes the basis of individual’s health is not only formed during the first years of life but also by dietary and lifestyle habits of parents and sometimes even grandparents.

  • Doctor of Medicine, Bogomolets National Medical University, Ukraine
  • Dip. Naturopathic Nutritionist/Nutritional Therapist, College of Naturopathic Medicine, United Kingdom
  • Functional and Clinical Biochemistry. Metabolism and Errors of Metabolism in Biomedical Practice, Academy of Medical Biochemistry
  • and countless hours of self-studying.
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Hi, I’m Denys.

Initially trained as a medical doctor, I later turned to natural health field, studying nutrition and health from the perspective of functional and naturopathic medicine.

My Experience

My experience enables me to provide wide range of services

  • 01
    Medical, nutrition & health writing and content development
  • 02
    Medical research
  • 03
    Supplements formulation
  • 04
    Private health consulting
  • 05
    Interpretation of blood test analyses
  • 06
    Working in startup settings within health & fitness field.

Integrative Health Solutions

Upon graduating with the Naturopathic Nutrition diploma, I started my online health consulting & clinic with the goal to provide effective health recommendations to my clients.


Integrative Medicine Practitioner, Lab Me Analytics

Providing customers with personalised health recommendations based on blood test results.

Anatomy & Physiology Course Developer

Writing the course content along with specifications of all graphical and 3D content for online A & P course for K12, one of the largest online education provider in the US.


Independent Medical Writer & Researcher

Private medical research and consulting

Medical Consultant

Explanation of anatomy & physiology of the human body to visitors of a renowned anatomical exhibition.

What People Say

It was great working with Denys. He's a great communicator! He's very motivated and serious about providing quality work. Those are some key points to look for when hiring. I'll definitely hire him again

Denys has been very professional and finished the job without any problems. The end product looks perfect. I highly recommend Denys for future jobs.

Denys is very intelligent, and great to work with. He asks all the right questions to ensure he get's you exactly what you want. Highly recommended.

Denys was an excellent researcher as well as a compassionate and caring person. We are lucky to have found him to help summarize integrative treatments options for a very aggressive cancer. Highly recommend him as a capable and trustworthy resource

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